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Trusted DeFi protocols

Ethereum has reached widespread commercial grade use. Bloomberg, DTC capital, Greyscale and now CME are just some of the institutions investing in Ethereum as a major contender for global commerce. These institutions have started to deploy assets and programs and It is now apparent that Ethereum is fulfilling its original promise as the new world internet.

With over 200,000 developers globally contributing to or developing on this tech stack, we anticipate millions of dapps and financial assets deployed and managed on this revolutionary layer with transactions exceeding trillions in daily volume.

Jigstack (Jigsaw / Stack) is a decentralised autonomous organisation governing a portfolio of ethereum network assets and protocols. All assets deployed under the Jigstack brand are audited, non custodial, trusted and secure. By standardising a uniform quality with a high performance and resilient application, users all around the world can manage their finances with confidence and comfort, knowing their assets are safe and under their complete control.